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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is this related to the Meme Creator ChatGPT plugin??

A: The Meme Creator ChatGPT plugin is a unique feature available exclusively to paying users of ChatGPT Plus. It offers enhanced meme creation capabilities through the ChatGPT platform. Our Meme Creator website, on the other hand, provides similar functionality but is built using OpenAIs new function calling technology. This technology enables the creation of structured JSONs for APIs, allowing us to achieve the same meme creation effect as the plugin. While the plugin is exclusive to ChatGPT Plus users, our website offers a broader audience access to innovative meme creation tools. In essence, both the Meme Creator ChatGPT plugin and our Meme Creator website offer powerful meme generation features, but they are accessible through different means and to different user bases. The shared goal is to provide users with creative tools to express themselves through memes, utilizing the cutting-edge capabilities of OpenAIs technologies.

Q: If I have plugin access via ChatGPT Plus, why would I bother subscribing to the website??

A: Great question. There are several distinct advantages the website has over the plugin. For starters, the website works on mobile, whereas the plugins do not work on mobile. Second, the pace of template updates is faster on the website so you are likely to get the absolute latest and greatest templates here first. Third, the response the AI replies with is coded to be more detailed! Fourth, having a dedicated account for meme creation is an added convenience. The price of storing your chat history is a one-time charge of $9.99 and we use Stripe so we accept payments worldwide!

Q: What is the purpose of Meme Creator??

A: Looking to make a statement in todays digital age? Meet the OpenAI-powered meme creator—a tool for the creative in all of us. Just as texting became the quick pulse of our conversations, and social media evolved into the heartbeat of global connection, memes have emerged as a vibrant new language. They are more than fleeting amusement; they are the essence of online culture. Creating a meme is now as effortless as sending a text. Whether you wish to ignite laughter, provoke thought, or personalize your online footprint, having a meme creator account is not just a trend—it is the new norm. With the power of OpenAI, crafting memes becomes an exciting exploration of self-expression, enabling you to connect and engage with millions around the world.

Don't be left behind in the meme revolution! Your voice deserves to be heard, your creativity celebrated. Join us now with this OpenAI-powered meme creator, and be part of the dynamic shift in how we communicate and relate in the digital era. Make your mark, one meme at a time!

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Q: How can I select different meme templates??

A: You can ask for memes however you like, you are interacting with a version of ChatGPT after all. That said, there are some current best practices aka prompting strategies (keep in mind evolving over time) you can employ to get the best results. For example if you ask in the following format: Create a BLANK meme about BLANK. So knowing the type of meme you want helps. Below are all prompts/memes that work right now.

Make a pawn stars best i can do meme about DESIRED TOPIC.

pawn stars best i can do

Q: What if I want to choose the words for a meme or edit an existing meme??

A: Simply give Meme Creator exact instructions. For example if you wanted to change the caption on a meme, just say create a Yoda Meme with first caption Train a machine learning model, you must and second caption Become an AI overlord, you may.

Q: What are some other best practices for using Meme Creator??

A1: Use the regeneration button often to reroll a meme, whether it is because you loved the meme and want more like it, or because you thought it missed the mark and you want to give it another chance. A2: Utilize the copy button to paste and edit an existing prompt. For example if you know the caption you want to add for a particular meme. Also a useful approach when the AI returns text without the meme. A3: Be aware that if you hit refresh, your chat will end. If you have a Premium subscription, it will be saved and if you are a Basic User, the memes are gone.

Q: Parli altre lingue? Parlez-vous dautres langues? 他の言語を話しますか??

A: Yes, Meme Creator supports various languages, allowing users around the world to express themselves creatively. Whether you speak Italian, Japanese, French, or many other languages, you can create and enjoy memes in your preferred language.

Q: Can I use Meme Creator on my phone??

A: Yes, Meme Creator should worked properly on most smartphones. Create memes anywhere, anytime!

Q: How was Meme Creator built??

A: Meme Creator is built on a synergistic tech stack that brings together the best of AI and meme culture. It is powered by ChatGPT 4 for meme generation, ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo for textual responses, and integrates directly with the Imgflip API for an extensive range of meme templates. The platform is further enhanced by OpenAI Function Calling and Vercel AI SDK. Click here for the meme matrix screensaver!

Q: Where can I learn more about Meme Creator??

A1: You can find detailed information about the companion Meme Creator Plugin found in the ChatGPT Plugin store (if you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber). You can find that website here.
A2: Product Hunt is a popular platform for introducing new apps to the world. You can find the Meme Creator Product Hunt page below.(August 24, 2023)

Meme Creator - Craft memes with an AI and share the fun today | Product Hunt

A3: Robert Scoble is a prominent figure in the tech world, and has created a list of several hundred AI companies. You can find Meme Creator on this list here.

A4: You can find a September 8th, 2023 Press Release about Meme Creator on Bloomberg here.